Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 2

Feeding changes
Not really any changes other than I added a bit of unpasturized buckwheat honey. (i am going to try adding it to snip's food to see if it helps with his allergies)

Dekka (and the rest) got elk RMB this week. Plan to get some bison next week.

Behaviour changes

Not really any change. Seems more tired than usual but that could be from staying up and being on foal watch.

She thew up a few days ago.. I got excited but it seems its to early for any morning sickness.

Physical changes
This was interesting. Dekka's empty belly was 34.5 cm this morning and she didnt' eat any extra yesterday.. will measure her belly a few mornings this week to see if this small increase is actual.

What is (hopefully) happening in there
The blastocysts have implanted into the uterine lining and begin to grow into embryos. Over the next 2 weeks important organs will develop.

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